Find My Birkin. The Hermes & Apple AirTag collaboration you should know about.

Find My Birkin. The Hermes & Apple AirTag collaboration you should know about.

No worries, my iPhone found my Birkin.

Hermes and Apple teamed up again but this time, they have introduced the Hermes AirTag. AirTags are new to the Apple family and are a game changer. Let me explain.

Ever use the App Find My iPhone? The app gives you the ability to geo locate your iPhone, MacBook or Apple Watch from each other using bluetooth and GPS. The Find My App is useful for the everyday; I can’t find my phone on the way out of the door or the unthinkable, someone stole my Birkin. 

AirTags are a small quarter sized device that you can use to keep track of a number of things like keys, handbags, luggage, or anything important to you.. Now you can locate items that aren't just your Apple products. This tech collaboration is like having a portable tracking system for your Birkin!

Hermes took Apple’s AirTag and disguised it within a classic Fawn Barenia Calfskin Luggage Tag and Bag Charm. The Hermes AirTags are clever, discrete and stunningly beautiful. Giving you the freedom to use it as a  tracking device that is interchangeable between your luxury bags. If you constantly lose your keys or forget where you set down your Birkin, you can simply use the App to find it. So long to the fear of losing your keys, luggage, and your coveted Birkin! Not to mention the worst case scenario, theft, especially when your iPhone can find it. Here’s a personal thank you to Apple and Hermes for taking that stress away!

Stay tuned, Mightychic is getting ahold of these for your peace of mind.