Is Hermes Mushroom Leather worth the luxury price?

Is Hermes Mushroom Leather worth the luxury price?

Many toss around the word sustainability as a weighted term to engage with their audience. They do this to communicate that they are doing their part to meet the needs of our generation without compromising the needs of future generations. 

How do we, in our lives, become more sustainable without sacrificing luxury?

Hermes has found an answer that is creating quite the stir. Hermes recently teamed up with Mycoworks for a collaboration using biomaterials, a leather alternative, redefining luxury with innovation. The idea is not to replace the coveted leathers and exotics skins but to compliment them while pushing new technology and sustainable alternatives. The new contender is made of Mycelium, or as you might know it, mushrooms. 

While it may not look like it, fungi are already in our everyday lives even if you don’t eat mushrooms. Yeast, bread, beer and modern medicine’s antibiotics wouldn’t exist without fungi. It is an integral part of human life, so why not fashion? 

Laboratory grown Mycelium is cultivated from fungi. The engineers from Mycoworks have created a proprietary cellular structure that encompasses the strength, durability and the feel of leather without the drawbacks of real leather. Mycoworks' brilliant patented technology with Hermes craftsmanship and style is a groundbreaking union.  

Matt Scullin, the CEO of Mycoworks, perfectly explains the innovative value in the biomaterial called Fine Mycelium. Scullin said, “like carbon can be both graphite and diamond, depending on the process. Phill (original creator) was able to unlock some of the nuances of mycelium to engineer it into something that has higher quality, more durable, feels more alive.”

Even if you're not into the idea of Hermes using Fine Mycelium “vegan leather”  for their luxury handbags, sustainable biomaterials like Fine Mycelium could be the future and Hermes is at the forefront. Will Fine Mycelium be the diamond of mushrooms? Is sustainability the new luxury?