Your First Luxury Designer Bag. More than an accessory.

Your First Luxury Designer Bag. More than an accessory.

It’s the first time I have traveled since covid restricted all of our lives and low and behold the girl I sat next to on the plane had the perfect Louis Vuitton. Noticing a designer bag is always an experience. The thrill of seeing it, the look, the lines of the bag, and the mystery of the person with it. I had to make conversation and asked, why LV? Her Mother had gotten it for her for her 21ist birthday. A right of passage in her LV family. I pushed further and asked what she likes. “The neutral colors, it can go with anything, and it's classic. I can fit a laptop in it or take it out.”


The answer was honest, sweet and made me think, the first designer luxury handbag is a special part of your life. It could mean a right of passage, independence, a keepsake handed down from your Mother, and or  it could illustrate liberation. I am getting off topic. Your first handbag is your most memorable. How do you choose? What are the specifications of a good investment, one you don't feel regretful, or have FOMO surrounding an instyle trend?

1. A classic shape.

You cannot go wrong with an Hermes Birkin or Kelly, Chanel, or Louis Vuitton but, aim to find  one that is universal and classic.

2.  A color to stand the test of time.

Neutrals or a deep red or pink are always a good choice. To me, black is always king.

3. Setting your budget and being honest with yourself.

This is a legit investment, make parameters around it. Know what you can spend and feel comfortable. Look at what the resale market of a used one. Know what is trending and what will always be classic.

4. Being clear about your intentions with how you want to wear it.

Special occasions, seasonal, or an every day? Do you want something you bring out on special occasions like weddings and anniversaries? Do you want to take it out to lunch with the girls? Take it to work or travel with your luxury bag? The answer to this question will determine the size and what you should think of when you are pairing it.

Whatever your first designer bag may be, it’s more than an accessory, it is a passion! We at Mightychic hope your story is something we can write about.