Birkin Size Guide

Birkin Size Guide

The smallest of the Hermès Birkin is the Birkin Tiny.  These gorgeous little bags were only produced by Hermes for a very short time in 2012 and as a result are extremely rare and hugely sought after.  The demand and desirability for smaller bags has skyrocketed, and one by one new people are finding love for this trend of the year.

Next one is known as the 25 Birkin.  Also known as the ‘Mini Birkin’ (or Baby Birkin) this is a highly sought-after collector's item. It is a difficult size to find and usually only offered to VIP clients. This charming bag moves easily day to evening.  May be carried only by hand.

Larger bags, including 30 Birkins, are highly popular. The bigger handle drop on the 30 cm makes it easy for you to carry the bag on the crook of your arm. The perfect size to move you from day to smart casual dinner .

Birkin 32 Haut À Courroies (aka HAC) is no longer produced and very rare to find. Being slightly narrower and higher, some people think it gives the illusion the woman is taller.

Birkin 35  this timeless tote is coveted by celebs and still considered THE statement bag! 

Birkin 40 will always remain as the original design, as it was requested by Jane Birkin.

Birkin 42 JPG Shoulder Birkin - designed by John Paul Gaultier when he was at the helm of Hermes.  A bag that gave a dose of creativity to the Birkin. 

Birkin 40 Haut À Courroies - no other travel bag in the world is as exquisite as this handcrafted Hermès Birkin HAC bag. It was created in the 1800’s and it’s older than the Birkin Bag.

Birkin 45 and 50 Haut À Courroies HAC a luggage / weekender tote that is extremely rare.

Birkin 55 and 60 Haut À Courroies HAC - these are highly coveted and no longer produced.  These divine weekender totes are always a great find.  Carried by both men and women for travel, everyday and even as a beach bag!

Very rarely 65 and 70 cm were produced.

Haut À Courroies was originally created for cavalry soldiers to transport riding equipment.

While there is no official rule to choosing the “right” size Birkin, mightychic can attest that each size serves a purpose for your wardrobe.


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