Mightychic’s founder, Debra Kent, deals in absolute luxury. Since 2002, Mightychic houses the rarest, most coveted handbags from all over the world. Purveying in high end fashion, there is one iconic brand in particular she specializes in acquiring, Hermes bags.

Ms. Kent travels worldwide acquiring the most sought after handbags. She is an expert on design, identification, and obtaining desired collections for her clients. Some would classify her as a rare arts dealer. Debra started Mightykismet selling on Ebay, and Mightychic was created to curate her selected and finest pieces.

“I must say that whether it is a Birkin bag, a fabulous dress, a unique piece of jewelry, or flirt worthy shoes. I offer the absolute best for the most fabulous customers.” - Debra Kent

Mightychic prides itself in offering privacy and discretion. We have the utmost respect for our clients, and the items we handle. This is why we display the items on their own, and do not use models. Our promise to you, is that you are the only one to touch your exclusive bag.

“The smell of a new Hermes bag is quite intoxicating! I am fortunate to have helped many of my customers acquire their first Hermes bag - and that I find thrilling. I love working with them to build beautiful collections that have value and am honored by their trust.” -Debra Kent