Mightychic Authenticity Guarantee

At Mightychic, we take pride in every item we offer to our discerning clientele. We understand that the trust you place in us is paramount. To honor that trust, we pledge to ensure the authenticity of every item we sell.

Expert Authentication Process
Every item we sell is meticulously inspected by our team of seasoned authenticity experts. Our specialists have years of experience and are trained to spot even the most subtle signs of counterfeit items.

Money-Back Guarantee
Should any item purchased from Mightychic be deemed inauthentic by a recognized third-party authenticator, we commit to a full refund, including all costs associated with the purchase and return shipping.

Detailed Provenance Checks
We go beyond just the physical product. We delve into the history of every item, ensuring it has a clear and legitimate provenance.

Transparency and Trust
We believe in open communication. If you have any questions about an item's authenticity or our verification process, we encourage you to reach out. Our dedicated team is always here to provide detailed information and address any concerns.

Collaboration with Brands
While we are an independent reseller and not affiliated with Hermès or any other brand, we respect and uphold the high standards these iconic brands represent. Our commitment is not just to our customers, but to the preservation of the reputation and craftsmanship of the luxury brands we adore.

Shop with Confidence
When you choose Mightychic, you're not just acquiring a luxury item; you're investing in a piece of art backed by our unwavering guarantee of its authenticity. We invite you to experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're purchasing genuine, top-tier luxury goods.