There is nothing more exciting to a woman - or reassuring to the man paying for the Hermes Birkin bag - than the validation of a superb investment!  Once again the elusive Birkin bag makes its mark on its superiority of the luxury market.
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for the most expensive Hermes bag ever sold at auction.

Here at we offer an exquisite 30 Hermes Himalaya Crocodile Diamond Birkin Bag to break all records!  For Private Inquiries please reach us on the Contact Us page.


Florence Italy always conjures up images of romance, great wine and cheese, and beautiful countryside being explored by bicycle.  It is also the home to marvelous crafts such as paper marbling.  No doubt designers have been inspired for textile creations by these masters!  Experience some of this lovely craft here


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The secret to the extraordinary success of the Hermes Birkin and Kelly bags is that they never change.   They are the ultimate classic in the most superior workmanship and materials.   It is the bag that will sells for $300,000, and that appreciates in value!  It is the Bugatti for a woman's wrist.