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Guaranteed authentic Hermes C’est La Fete Double Face Silk Twill scarf by Daiske Nomura. 
In shades of blue, plum and gray, with a border of blue.
Features a skeleton riding a skeleton horse amid a burst of stars.
A large subtle H in the background.
The reverse side in monochromatic grey.
Two scarves in one!
Signature hand rolled edge in orange.
Comes with signature Hermes box and ribbon.
final sale

90cm x 90cm


C’est La Fete Double Face Scarf
Reintroduced from the 2012 Halloween party hosted by Hermes.  Skeleton horse and horseman who is holding a caduceus of two snakes wrapped around.  The traditional symbol of Hermes the greek god. “This scarf reminds us that we are given the gift of time and we must enjoy every minute of it.”

The Hermes Double Face Scarf
The first step is the artist’s collaboration with Hermes which can take one to two years before the actual process of the steps to bring it to market.
The scarves average as many as 27 colours.
Each design is created by hand-design and then brought to the screen printing process.
The artist’s design is then broken down by Hermes engravers to unique films – one for each colour. As many as 47 films may be created for a single scarf. 

Extensive research has created new techniques for the innovation that allows for printing both sides of silk in the same design but in a different way and colours.  Two scarves in one!

An Hermes scarf can take 18 months to create, and they are loved an collected with appreciation for the expert and attention detail that goes into each one.
Let mightychic know which is your most favourite!

Weight 4 lbs