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Guaranteed authentic limited edition Hermes Constance 24 spectacular Marble Silk bag.
Accentuated with Rose Extreme Swift leather.
This rare technique creates exquisite colours in this intricate design.
A Japanese silk marbling technique that was recently discovered by the brand.
The search took about 10 years to find the Nose family, in Kyoto, who could execute this craft.
Originally it began in Japan in the 12th century by marbling paper. This technique, suminagashi (floating ink)
made it’s way to Europe and was applied to fabric. In 1963, the father of the Nose family went to Germany to learn the craft to bring it back to Japan. Now they are only the producers of this technique left in the world. 
HERMES PARIS MADE IN FRANCE is stamped on front under flap.
Comes with Hermes sleeper and signature Hermes  box.
The Hermes Constance bag price maintains its value as its among one of the most desired and difficult Hermes bags to acquire.
As a purveyor of exceptional and unique Hermes luxury goods, mightychic raises the bar of online shopping.
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LENGTH 24cm / 9.5″
TALL 15cm / 6″
DEEP 5cm / 2



During the 12th Century Japan created the technique of Marble Paper, which made its way to Europe. Japan lost that art until the Father of the Nose family went to Germany to learn about the process applied to textile. Today this family is the only one in the world who produces
the craft of Suminagashi – Floating Silk.
After 10 years of searching Hermes discovered Kyoto Marble and have since collaborated with them exclusively for Marble Silk.
Often referred to as a “hundred colour print”, most of the process is done by the hands of a craftsman and
carries that unique touch.
This Hermes video shows the exquisite and rare process of this almost lost art.


The Hermès Constance was originally created in 1959 by in house designer Catherine Chaillet and named after her daughter. This sophisticated shoulder bag with clean lines and a long leather strap that can be doubled, lends itself to a variety of looks. The signature “H” emblem clasp is the bag’s most distinct and attractive feature. In 2010 the bag received a slight modification with Hermès offering it in a longer, narrower design named the Elan. This elegant bag is now available in four sizes, the micro, mini, 24, and Elan. As a testament to the house of Hermès’ impeccable craftsmanship, each bag is crafted by only one artisan and takes 14 hours to create. An iconic bag that was a personal favorite of Jackie O. and now seen carried by many celebrities, the Constance has become one of Hermès most recognizable and loved bags with its timeless silhouette.

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Weight 7 lbs