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Guaranteed authentic Hermes Della Cavalleria Favolosa blanket featured in Gris and Ecru.
Jacquard woven 72% cashmere and 28% wool is edged with fringe.
This extraordinary equestrian composition is spectacular.
Designed by Virginie Jamin.
This beautiful Hermes blanket will elevate any room you choose to display it in.
A wonderful gifting idea!
New or Pristine Store Fresh Condition.
final sale

59.1″ x 78.7″

New or Pristine Store Fresh Condition

“Della Cavalleria is one of the most extraordinary treatises in the history of riding. Written by Georg Engelhard
von Löhneysen, it was published in Bavaria at the very beginning of the 17th century, and now a part of the
Émile Hermès collection. Illustrated with baroque engravings, it presents some German sleighs drawn by fabulous creatures and richly adorned horses. Playing with these, the designer pushes extravagance even further by
assembling horses’ bodies and chimerical monsters. Keeping in the theme of games, she humorously gives one
a racket, a yoyo or a diabolo to another, creating strange visual associations worthy of an exquisite corpse.” Hermes

Weight8 lbs