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Guaranteed authentic rare limited edition Hermes HAC 40 Flag bag.
Coveted Barenia leather and Ficelle Hermes signature Toile.
Beautifully detailed with the paprika orange wide stripe it is neutral perfection for everyday to travel wear.
This Hermes Hac bag is accentuated with brass hardware.
Comes with lock, keys and clochette and sleeper.
The HAC (Haut à Courroies) is an extremely rare and especially stylish Hermes travel bag making it a collector’s treasure much sought after by Hermes connoisseurs as well as celebrities.
final sale

LENGTH 40 cm / 15.75″
TALL 40.5 cm / 16″
DEEP 23 cm / 9″

TALL 4.5″



A predecessor of the famous Kelly bag, the Haut à Courroies (HAC) bag, which translates as “high belts”, first appeared in the late 1800’s and went on to inspire the design of the Birkin bag.  It is the first born of Hermes.

Originally created for storing boots and saddles, it made the life of riders easier and added panache.  With he advent of the automobile the HAC become the ideal travel bag – and remains true to that spirit today.

At the time it had no name.  Haute meaning tall, and courroies meaning strap, eventually gave the name Haut a courroies.

It is quite similar to the Birkin but proportionally taller with slightly shorter handles featuring a roomier interior.

Carried in the hand rather than in the crook of the arm, today it’s flaunted as a stylish unisex travel bag.

Weight20 lbs