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Guaranteed authentic Hermes Tea Cup and Saucer set of two (2) featured in the classic Hermes Passifolia pattern.
A beautiful hommage to the peace and power of flora.
Decorated using Chromolithography.
Hand-painted 24K gold trim.
Beautiful tea cup set to use with the Passifolia collection or on its own.
(Please note: total of 3 sets are available.)
Designed by Nathalie Rolland-Huckel.
New techniques were developed by Hermes to bring to life the exquisite tropical palette.
Comes with signature Hermes box.
Please see the array of Passifolia pieces listed.
New or Pristine Store Fresh Condition.
final sale

6.7 fl oz

New or Pristine Store Fresh Condition

“The rain drums on the convex palm leaves. The wind hums over the fringe of petals. These sounds sharpen the chlorophyll, awakening greens in a chorus of mint, sage, celadon shades.
The fuchsia, coral and garnet hues of the flowers explode in the white summer heat.
In the tropical mist nature composes a richly melodious suite. An homage to the foliage that protects the earth, to the colors that burst forth in song. To the power of flora,
its folly, and its leaves which rustle a single word, Passifolia.” Hermes
This beautiful line of dinnerware incorporates 32 colours. Pieces such as the cups are painted on the inside as artisans utilize all their skill for such delicate work.

Weight10 lbs