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Guaranteed authentic Hermes The Three Graces shawl.
Gorgeous in muted shades of Naturel and Brun.
This Hermes scarf / shawl is lightweight and perfect for cold to cool temperatures.
Designed by Alice Shirley featuring three giraffes in their natural habitat.
Scarf has signature hand rolled edges.
Comes with Signature Hermes box and ribbon.
New or Pristine Store Fresh Condition.
Final Sale

140cm / 55″ X 55″


New or Pristine Store Fresh Condition

“It was during a trip to South Africa that Alice Shirley was lucky enough to spot a giraffe, then two, then three, concealed behind the acacia tree on which they were feeding. Giraffes are the tallest animals on earth and their delicacy is immeasurable. Their movement is sweeping and elegant. They have panoramic distance vision and sleep very little, often standing. They prune the trees by feeding, and disperse seeds by moving around, living in perfect harmony with their environment. Conscious of the beauty and balance of nature, the house of Hermes pays homage to these graceful and poetic giants.” Hermes

The Hermes Scarf:
The Hermes scarf, also called “le carre” (the square), debuted in 1937 exactly 100 years after the company was founded by Thierry Hermès. The very fist scarf was based on a woodblock drawing by Robert Dumas. Since then each scarf has told a story in elaborate intricate designs from the whimsical to the harmonious. Hermes scarves evoke emotions from the equestrian to the universe and has been loved through the decades by a myriad of women throughout the world and are coveted and collected.
In 1987, with the creation of L’Annee du Feu D’Artifice, Hermes began to create a theme each year. Over 2000 designs have been created and takes two years to make from inception. Each scarf has about 30 colours and has to be individually screened.
There are 750 artisans who work approximately 18 months to produce a scarf once the final design is completed, and the tens of thousands of colours have been poured over to select for the design.
The engravers take about six months to determine the distinct colours for each scarf, and 750 hours to complete the engraving of the screens to print.  
Along with limited editions and reprints of older designs in new colours, two collections of silk scarves and two collections of cashmere/silk blend scarves consisting of nine prints each are released every year.
Since Hermes scarves are so beautifully designed, often times they are framed and used as coveted artwork on walls.


Weight3 lbs