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Hermes Yack ‘n’ Dye Bed Cover blanket featured in Gris.
Soft hand spun Tibetan Yak blanket created with a soft Ombre finish from Grey to Taupe.
Each edge is placed in a different dye to create this subtle effect.
A hard carved wooden H is placed on the blanket to prevent to infusion of colour.
This beautiful Hermes blanket will elevate any room you choose to display it in.
A wonderful gifting idea!
New or Pristine Store Fresh Condition.
final sale

55.1″ x 66.9″

New or Pristine Store Fresh Condition

“It all begins with an immense cloud of Mongolian yak wool. Under their thick and coarse hair, yaks have a soft down, khullu, that they shed in the spring time. This downy fiber catches onto the bushes of the Tibetan plateau and is then harvested by hand. Rare and noble, this precious down was, for centuries, reserved exclusively for emperors of the Forbidden City. In Nepal, expert hands would go on to craft it into blankets with a full and soft feel, featuring unique colors. Every step of this metamorphosis is carried out by hand, from the skein border to the flatlock stitching. Spun and woven on traditional looms with meshing needles, the fabric is given as many dye baths as the chosen motif requires. The colors stream out, forming a subtle halo, mixing when they interact, creating new hues. Finally, each piece features an H in reverse. ” Hermes

Weight8 lbs