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Many Shades of Chic: The Interview


The goal of these interviews is to showcase our lovely clientele and their stunning style. Luxury goods are a form of art. Fashion is art. The feeling of desire and passion to express yourself is an art. So, in a way, with this interview we are expressing ourselves by extension.

Hermes store

Our interviews are anonymous, real, and give you a small glimpse into a life of luxury. We are enjoying getting to know our clients though this blog series and hope you do too. Contact us to be featured and we will curate your inspired collection. 

Let us introduce one of the Instagram accounts we follow, the lovely manyshadesofchic. We asked her 7 questions about luxury shopping, handbags, and what’s on her wishlist. She is anonymous yet her style screams edgy professional meets luxury chic. 

The Interview

1. First question, what’s the story behind your first designer bag experience?

“Wow the very first bag? That was a very long time ago. I was in my 20’s and I bought my very first Louis Vuitton bag at South Coast Plaza. It was a tiny little bag but I loved it so much! I still have it.”

2. What is your favorite handbag in your collection right now?

“I am in love with my new Kelly 25 in vert emerald. I love the color and the functionality of the Kelly 25. It’s the perfect size and so easy to use. The Himalayan Birkin 25 will always be my holy grail bag but in general Kelly 25s are more functional bags in my mind than Birkin 25s.”

Himalaya Birkin 25 Kelly 25 Emerald Crocodile

3. Trends right now you love or hate?

“I do love the small bag trend right now. I think as I am getting older, less feels like more. I feel that fashion is a form of self expression, so I rarely hate any trends. Something that is right for one person may not suit another. So there are trends which I would never pick for myself, but may be beautiful on someone else. I am not someone who would gravitate towards neon colors. But I have seen it on other women and loved it.”

4. You’re going on a long two-week vacation post covid vaccine, where are you going? If you had to take one handbag, which one would you bring and why?

“My girlfriends and I have been dying to make a trip to Paris. So I think this would be the first girls trip we would plan. I would bring my vert emerald Kelly 25 bc it is so versatile. I like traveling with bags with a shoulder strap for convenience. It can also go from day to night easily. I wear most black or white and this bag would work for both color palettes.”

5. Who do you follow on instagram that inspires your style?

“I follow my good friend shoepursemomma – she has classic, eternally good taste and is so knowledgeable about all things luxury. I also follow lydiamillen who has great style all around.

Oh and I forgot- upcloseandstylish I love her style, her shoes, her bags. EVERYTHING!!!”

Van Cleef & Arpels fine jewelry

6. Almost done. You’re shopping, searching, longing for that feeling of finding the great find. Describe your process.

“That’s a tough question because I don’t know that I have a specific process. There are definitely wishlist items that I have meditated on and talked over with my BFFs. This tends to be for jewelry or special handbags. Not that I haven’t made impulsive purchases, say at Van Cleef & Arpel. However, when it comes to clothing and accessories I tend to be more impulsive and instinctive. I usually know what would suit me and I know what I love when I see it!”

7. Last one, and an important one, what are you currently coveting?

“The next bag on my wishlist is a black shiny crocodile Mini Kelly aka Kelly 20.”

Hermes Mini Kelly 20 style

Manyshadesofchic gave us inspiration to curate a collection completely devoted to her style. She puts together outfits effortlessly, in a classic but bold way. Classic neutrals, bursts of lime and emerald with hints of rose and a touch of Himalaya.

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