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Guaranteed authentic magnificent one of a kind Hermes rare petit h silk shawl with combined iconic scarf prints.
The combination of prints are:
Dans L’Atelier de Robert Dallet
Equateur by Robert Dallet
Etude Pour Un Iris Arc En Ciel by Benoit Pierre Emery
Kaschinas by Kermit Oliver
Coupe De Fouet by Florence Manlik
(Please read the individual details of each print below)
Rich amethyst with tiny H’s in the fabric.
Fabric is silk.
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53.75″ x 64″



Dans L’Atelier de Robert Dallet
Robert Dallet, a renowned self taught naturalist, had a passion for big cats. This beautiful print is based on the collection of drawings owned by the family. With remarkable precision he brought to life the beauty, grace and power of every movement of these magnificent feline species.

In this wonderous creation, Robert Dallet, found vivid inspiration in the diverse fauna in the equatorial zone of South America. This varied composition includes the woolly monkey, parakeets, the solitary jaguar, small felines and toucans are but a few of the myriad of marvelous creatures that adorn this beautiful print.

Etude Pour Un Iris Arc En Ciel 
“Designed by Benoit Pierre Emery, depicting three irises and a peony, coming together in a delicate combination. In Greek mythology, Iris is the personification of the rainbow and messenger of the gods, just like Hermes. Iris symbolizes the link between earth and heaven. She was also the mediator between the gods and the humans. The elegant Iris flower was named after her because of the many colors of the rainbow where the Iris can be found. The symbolic meaning of the Iris flowers is
therefore ‘I have a message for you’.” Passion for Elegance

This iconic Hermes scarf was designed by the collectible American artist Kermit Oliver. “Just like the name suggests, this design is filled with Kachina dancers. According to Pueblo Indian mythology a Kachina can be one of three things, a deified ancestral spirit, a person who represents a kachina spirit in a ceremonial dance or a carved figurine representing a kachina spirit.” Carre De Paris Hermes Scarf Blog

Coup De Fouet 
Also known as Whiplash was issued in 2012 was designed by Parisian modern illustration artist, Florence Manlik. Her design is a modern interpretation of Hermes
equestrian themed designs.

Weight6 lbs