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Guaranteed authentic Hermes La Serpentine de Pierre Charpin scarf featured in Blanc and Vieux Rose colorway.
Designed by Pierre Charpin, this pocket square depicts the designer’s equestrian figure of the Serpentine.
100% silk.
Made in France.
Signature hand rolled edge.
final sale

45 cm


Pierre Charpin cleverly creates a ribbon changing colour at every turn and the reveal is a horse.
He found this 19th century horse in the Emile Hermes stamp collection.
As an artist and set designer he interprets the element of the serpentine and the horse reveal in geometric simplicity.

The Hermes Scarf Creation Process
The first step is the artist’s collaboration with Hermes which can take one to two years before the actual process of the steps to bring it to market.
The scarves average as many as 27 colours.
Each design is created by hand-design and then brought to the screen printing process.
The artist’s design is then broken down by Hermes engravers to unique films – one for each colour. As many as 47 films may be created for a single scarf.
During this time Brazilian silk is imported to France where the raw silk is woven – a process that can take up to three months.
Pigments are mixed and boiled to create perfect colours, and then the screens are applied to the silk which is stretched over the printing table.
Each screen applies new colour and pattern. When dry they are steamed to set them in place.
Finally the silk is cut into squares and seamstresses hand roll and sew the edges with silk thread that creates the signature edging of an Hermes scarf.
An Hermes scarf can take 18 months to create, and they are loved an collected with appreciation for the expert and attention detail that goes into each one.
Let mightychic know which is your most favourite!

Weight 3 lbs