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Guaranteed authentic Hermes Marble Ex Libris scarf designed by Hugo Grygkar.
Featured in Gris Chine, Blue and Yellow colorway.
Depicts the iconic Hermes logo.
This exquisite scarf is a must have for any Hermes collector.
Created by an art almost lost to the world it brings you the most delicate production of pattern in vibrant colours that seem to float right into your dreams.
This rare process took Hermes 10 years to find and only one place in the world, and one family, can create this intricate form of art.
Take the time to read our TIDS ‘n BITS below to learn about this unique process below.
Made in France.
Signature hand rolled edge.
Comes with signature Hermes orange box.
final sale

90 cm x 90 cm


During the 12th Century Japan created the technique of Marble Paper, which made its way to Europe where it was later applied to textile. The Father of the Nose family went to Germany to learn about the process and brought it to Japan. Today this family is the only one in the world who produces the craft of Suminagashi – Floating Silk.
After 10 years of searching Hermes discovered Kyoto Marble and have since collaborated with them exclusively for Marble Silk.
Often referred to as a “hundred colour print”, most of the process is done by the hands of a craftsman and carries that unique touch.
This Hermes video shows the exquisite and rare process of this almost lost art.

 The Ex-Libris

“Based on the design of the Ex-Libris scarf
Creator of great classics of the house such as the famous Brides de gala, Hugo Grygkar composed this scarf in 1946. An ex-libris is a distinctive marking chosen by a booklover to personalize the works in his library. In 1923, Émile‑Maurice Hermès, the grandson of the founder of the house, chose to this effect a design by Alfred de Dreux (1810-1860) preserved in his collection: Duc attelé, groom à l’attente, which he placed above his initials EMH. From one side to the other, a caducée, attribute of the Greek god Hermès, symbolizes peace and commercial transactions. This design became the emblem of the house. Around this medallion four elegant horse-drawn carriages are inspired by the original designs of carriage-makers conserved in the Émile Hermès collection.” Hermes

Weight 4 lbs