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Authenticity assured for this limited edition Hermes Tigre Royal stole adorned with exquisite embroidery and beads.
Meticulously crafted with over 70 hours of hand embroidery, this splendid scarf is presented in luxurious cream silk.
Designed by Christiane Vauzelles, the Tigre Royal motif appears as if intricately drawn onto the silk canvas.
Ideal for year-round wear, this gorgeous Hermes scarf is complemented by its signature hand-rolled edge.
New or Pristine Store Fresh Condition.
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65 x 200 cm

New or Pristine Store Fresh Condition


Tigre Royal:
Inspired by the Tigre Royal scarf design, the Bengal tiger, once hunted by Nabobs until the last century and feared by populations, is portrayed as a magnificent and powerful beast. In this depiction, the majestic and imperturbable animal poses within a frame resembling an ornate case. Positioned above the tiger is an undoubtedly deserved crown, highlighting its nobility and royal allure. The two golden palms encircling the tiger, mirroring the stripes of its coat, appear as regal adornments akin to those worn by a dignitary in full ceremonial dress.

Weight3 lbs