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Guaranteed authentic Hermes Avalon Vibration Blanket featured in Miel colorway.
Double sided jacquard weave.
Created from 90% Wool and 10% Cashmere this wonderfully warm blanket is a chic addition to any room.
Exquisite fresh modern creation!
Two matching Hermes Avalon Vibration Pillows in Miel are also available under a separate listing.
This listing is for the blanket only.
New or Pristine Store Fresh Condition.
final sale

55.1″ x 66.9″

New or Pristine Store Fresh Condition



Unveiled through a double-sided Jacquard weave, the design elements of this merino wool and cashmere blanket are inspired
by the distinctive jockey jerseys and horse rugs crafted at the Hermès workshop on Faubourg Saint-Honoré, active from the early 20th century
until the 1960s.
Following the tradition of heraldry, where each stable had its unique emblem, these motifs adorned both the jockeys’ jerseys and the horse rugs,
aiding in the identification of stables during races.

Weight 10 lbs