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Guaranteed authentic Hermes Crop features with Black Aniline goatskin covered handle.
The hand braided crop in micocoulier wood. (Hackberry Wood)
New or Pristine Store Fresh Condition.
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New or Pristine Store Fresh Condition

“Our number one priority is the horse,” said Jean-Louis Dumas, grandson of Emile Hermès.

On the night of the winter full moon is when the trees are cut to create world renowned whips, riding crops for the equestrian and circus world. It is a remarkable process that follows (and interesting as to why the time to cut) that can can be gleaned here:

World-renowned French whips made in Sorède

Hackberry wood is supple and resistant which makes it perfect for the use of the crop. The same techniques have endured since the 13th Century although processes have evolved.

“Premium goatskin leather with aniline finish is characterized by a slightly wrinkled and irregular surface, it is a soft skin but compared to lamb, sheep or mutton it is slightly thicker. These features make it a unique and immediately recognizable kind of leather.” Hermes

Weight 10 lbs