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Guaranteed authentic Hermes insanely beautiful mini Vintage Hermes Kelly 20 Sellier bag featured in rare Soleil print Box Calf leather.
This exotic beauty is a muted Rouge with golden Yellow sun print.
Rare to find and no longer produced, this exquisite Hermes vintage Kelly 20 sellier bag is a collectors treasure.
In superior condition.
Comes with shoulder strap, sleeper and signature Hermes bag.
The Hermes mini Kelly bag price retains its value due to the high demand of the limited style.
Mightychic allows you instant access to a fabulous array of Hermes selections.
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LENGTH 20 cm / 7.75″
TALL 14 cm / 5″
DEEP 9 cm / 3.5″

TALL 3.25″


Grace Kelly was a lover of Hermes before she made the ‘Kelly bag’ a timeless icon with the famous photo of her hiding her pregnancy with the shield of her Sac à dépêches bag.

Wait, Sac à dépêches?? 
Yes, that was the original name for this classic handbag with a purist aesthetic which was a departure of the decorative handbags of the time.
That fabulous photograph is what brought the name Kelly bag which remains to this day. She also had a love of the Kelly bag in Crocodile which became the MUST HAVE status bag and created even more popularity for Hermes Crocodile bags! Each Hermes bag takes extreme skill and is made by one Hermes craftsman. The Kelly bag takes approximately 18 hours to create.




Weight5 lbs